Learning an Instrument as an Adult, is it too late?

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks." 

The colloquial misconception that misleads people to believe that you're stuck with the same set of skills and hobbies after reaching a certain level of "adulthood"; I beg to differ. Picking up an instrument as an adult is a fantastically therapeutic activity that both stimulates your brain and itches your creative impulse. 

I think that much of the discouragement from adults picking up new instruments is the hectic schedules we tend to lead as adults. We have jobs, often have a family to take care of, and lots of other things to do including sitting in traffic going from one place to another. 

So, after I've worked, taken care of home responsibilities, got a chance to relax a bit, how much time is there really left in the day? Well, if your mindset is that of a person with no time at all, then you certainly won't be easy to convince. 

HOWEVER, how much time is REALLY needed to learn an instrument? Obviously hours and hours of practice right? Well, yes and no. Yes, it certainly is going to take time to perfect certain skills on this instrument you're thinking about picking up. But, it isn't going to take a single day either. If you instead imagine yourself spreading out the time needed to perfect a skill over the course of a week, you're really only looking at about 20-30 mins of practice every day during the week (we need our weekends of course). Learning something new like an instrument is a long-term feat. You just can't come into a new world like music and believe you're going to master the instrument in a few weeks or months. 

I like to think that embarking on a journey to learn an instrument is much like trying to get fit and slim down your physique. You can't expect to make permanent long term changes in your physical body with bursts of obsessive commitments to dieting and exercise. You've got to spread yourself evenly and realize that physical transformation is a slowly but surely progressing activity. Learning an instrument is very much a physical thing. You have to physically coordinate your fingers and body in a way that you just have never done. So, it's going to be a slow process. But, with patience and dedication, all is possible. 

Magdiel Zuniga