Buying your first Guitar

Ok so how much do I need to spend for a beginner guitar for myself or my child? This is a question that we all come across whenever we begin to take music education serious, either for ourselves or our children. Like any product or service, your best place to start is to look online. Browse models on places like amazon, ebay, or craigslist. If you're looking to really minimize your costs and make a moderate beginning investment, you can easily get a great guitar for only $60-$100. 

This price range shocks people as its easy to think you need to save upwards of $100 and investment up to a few hundred dollars for a beginner guitar. BEWARE: Do not buy your first guitar in a big-name or local music store. The main reason for avoiding stepping into a music store like guitar center or any similar place is that the retail markup for instruments can be unnecessarily high. Step into a music store where you can buy a higher-quality instrument once you've had a few months of practice and you're read to really strap on and take your music studies seriously and enroll in private lessons. 

I was lucky to have a guitar already in my home when I first began to learn how to play as a teenager; my father had a guitar hidden away, collecting dust, in his closet. Many however are faced with the decision-anxiety of how much to spend and where to spend it. Usually your private instructor can make sure the instrument you're looking at purchasing online is of good quality and suitable to start lessons immediately.