We are the only private lessons program in the area that offers a complete, personalized, and custom curriculum that helps you master how to:

  1. Read standard notation treble clef so that you can successfully sight-read and perform any song, from any era (whether that be pop, classical, country, blues, or any other).

  2. Develop your understanding of music theory as it relates to chords, song writing, and even arranging for the guitar.

  3. Improvise and compose your own music by studying scales and conventional chord progressions.

Unfortunately in the world of guitar teaching, many instructors lack at least one of these three important principles of music. Some teachers will understand chords but won’t be able to help you read music for the guitar (in standard notation). Some guitar teachers will be skillful in their ability to shred and play scales - but don’t understand the music theory behind their playing to teach it to your properly and be able to play in any key.