Children (Ages 5-12)

For our younger students, our focus in teaching is based fundamentally on reading standard notation sheet music for the guitar. Just like the piano, violin, or trumpet - real mastery in an instrument is only possible whenever the student is able to become proficient at reading the staff for that particular instrument. In the guitar, banjo, and ukelele, the instrumentation is done on the treble clef staff. We have taken songs from pop culture (popular radio artists like Sean Mendes, Charlie Puth, and Dua Lipa) , video games (Minecraft, Zelda, and Super Mario Brothers), and movies (Moana, Harry Potter, Coco) and have made original transcriptions of these songs on the treble clef staff for the guitar. Our instructors are here to specifically guide the student to read and play any song, rhythmically on a metronome, from memory using the sheet music that we have developed over our years in teaching.  

This fundamental focus on developing a proficient ability to read and memorize standard notation is what sets our program apart from our local competitors. We blend fun and pop culture, with fundamentals in music learning. Below is an educational video made by T.E.D. that elaborates the importance of reading music on the staff by highlighting the effects of reading music on the brain.   

Teens and Adults 

Teens and young adults are taught the same basic principles of reading sheet music by learning music that they love and enjoy. We want to help you accomplish your personal goals and play your favorite songs. Whether this is Selena Gomez, 21 Pilots, Metallica, or John Mayer, the basic guitar technique and fundamentals we teach tap into every genre of music. Being able to play fingerstyle and reading sheet music will put you miles ahead of most guitar players. That being said, we cater to our students and provide personally customized lesson plans with weekly learning objectives and exercises that include the tools needed to accomplish whatever style you want to learn.