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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”
— Plato



Guitar Lessons

We teach every genre of music to all ages 5+. Regardless of your level as a musician, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, our instructors are trained and ready to teach all that are interested in learning music. Our private lessons are individual, personalized, and driven with a focus on guiding students to master the concepts they want to acquire on the guitar. We also do hold recitals every semester to showcase the new things every student learns along their musical journey!

Piano Lessons

Now offering Piano lessons! If guitar is not your focus, and you’d rather learn piano, we are ready to teach and mold your skills in reading music, understanding chords and rhythmic notation, and playing a wide of styles whether it be classical or contemporary.


Every semester we encourage all our students to perform in our in-house recitals! Giving our students the opportunity to perform has inspired, empowered, and most importantly encouraged them to get out there and showcase what they’ve been practicing!

Piano Lessons


We are the only private lessons program in the area that offers a complete, personalized, and custom curriculum that helps you master how to:

  1. Read both the Treble and Bass clef so that you can sight-read any song, from any era (whether it’s pop, classical, country blues, etc.).

  2. Develop your understanding of rhythmic notation and play on a metronome.

  3. Arrange and even compose any song on the piano.


“The important thing is to feel your music, really feel it and believe it.”
— Ray Charles

Guitar Lessons

We are the only private lessons program in the Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, and Klein area that offers a complete, personalized, and custom curriculum that helps you master how to:

  1. Read standard notation treble clef so that you can successfully sight-read and perform any song, from any era (whether that be pop, classical, country, blues, or any other).

  2. Develop your understanding of music theory as it relates to chords, song writing, and even arranging for the guitar.

  3. Improvise and compose your own music by studying scales and conventional chord progressions.

Unfortunately in the world of guitar teaching, many instructors lack at least one of these three important principles of music. Some teachers will understand chords but won’t be able to help you read music for the guitar (in standard notation). Some guitar teachers will be skillful in their ability to shred and play scales - but don’t understand the music theory behind their playing to teach it to your properly and be able to play in any key.



Woodlands Location: 26118 Oak Ridge Dr, Suite C-200, Spring, TX 77380

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Not being close to our studio is not an excuse to not have private lessons with one of our instructors! We give online FaceTime and Skype lessons for those unable to physically commute to our studio for their lessons.

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See what past students and parents have said about the Zuniga School of Music.

Having recently relocated to Houston, TX, I was very concerned about my son feeling like he belonged or was a part of some activity here. He had previously taken guitar classes and had lukewarm feelings about continuing it here in Texas.
As a parent, I know sometimes it takes just that special instructor to get the child totally motivated. When I saw the flyer for Zuniga School of Music and called Max, I was excited to have my son meet him. The relationship has opened my son up to a more creative learning style. The instructor / student role focuses on the critical early learning key elements but also shows the relationship of knowledge and respect that Max has for all students. Being able to teach to any age is a unique quality. I think Max is bringing about an artistic side of my son they may
have otherwise been lost. We are both happy we found the Zuniga School of Music.
— Lemel Jones, CEO of Target Hunger. 3/2/2016
My daughter loves to go to “music school.” She has been blessed with an awesome guitar instructor who understands her challenges and helps her learn while keeping the lessons fun enough to entice a 9 year old. She has learned so much in just a few months and it has been wonderful seeing her progress. A few months ago, her birthday wish was to learn how to play a guitar. Words cannot express the thanks that we have for Zuniga School of Music for helping make her dream come true.
— Patty Garcia-Vasquez, Quality Assurance Specialist at HHSC 03/04/2016
Max is a phenomenal musician and a great teacher. I have been taking lessons from him for almost four months now and I would recommend him to anyone that wants to begin or develop their guitar skills. He is very professional and passionate about teaching classical guitar. I started out not knowing anything about guitars, but Max was able to guide me through the basics and has helped me work on my musicianship. Not only does he teach you how to play notes, he teaches you how to make your guitar sing. Max’s lessons are fun and makes you excited about playing music!
— So Kato, Engineer at Vam USA. 2/19/2016
I began taking classes from Magdiel two months ago and I’ve been able to see myself progress rapidly in a short period of time. Magdiel is an exceptional teacher with a wide range of knowledge and a tremendous passion for music. I really admire the dedication he gives to all his students and the professionalism he demonstrates. I’m more than overjoyed to have joined the Zuniga School of Music!
— Wladimir Cardenas, 06/11/2016
Excellent music teacher whom is both personable and technically skilled
— Lindsey Meadows, CEO of Meadows Resources 2/17/2017
Magdiel is the best guitar instructor and player in this area. He understands exactly how different people learn using different methods. I really like the fact that he cares for his students and wants to see them succeed and get better at playing guitar. He is also very professional and takes the time to make sure you leave happy and eager to keep pushing forward and becoming better at playing the guitar. I would recommend him to anyone, young or elder.
— Ali Mehboob, Attorney at Law-Mehboob Law Firm PLLC 2/11/2017
Great teacher!!! My son started lessons at the end of last year and he’s not only learning to play the guitar but he’s learning music. He had a recital and I was impressed by the students that performed including my son
— Christopher J. 2/15/17
Our family was first introduced to Mr. Zuniga through the persistence of our son to study under him. Our son had the opportunity to see him perform at his school, and once we ourselves met Mr. Zuniga, we were certain that he would be an excellent instructor for not just our son but our two daughters as well. Our experience with him has been nothing short of phenomenal judging from the progress our children have made since they started not very long ago. Mr. Zuniga has consistently demonstrated a level of professionalism, skill, and maturity that is not expected from a musician so young. Our children are very fortunate to be able to study under his guidance and call him their teacher.
— Nathan Dujunco, M.A. CCC-SLP 03/02/2016
My daughter is truly enjoying her guitar lessons. Magdiel is very professional, kind, and attentive.
— Rosie Muniz, Realtor at REMAX Alliance Houston 03/04/2016
You won’t find someone as helpful and patient as Max. I’ve been taking lessons with him since February and I can honestly say he’s shown me so much about guitar as a whole. I’d recommend Max to anyone who is looking to improve or begin their guitar skills, he’s a fantastic musician and continues to make me more and more excited about making music!
— Michael Zendejas, Student at University of Houston, 06/10/2016
For the past 4 years I’ve been trying to learn guitar on my own with self-teach books and videos but was not very happy with the progress (or lack of), so when my younger son saw Magdiel perform at his school and told me he wanted to learn how to play like him I was happy that he was interested on the guitar, so we joined. After just a few months we’ve made so much progress that even my oldest son joined us in the lessons and now we all 3 are learning and having so much fun practicing at home. The teacher is great with kids and has methods that simplify the learning process for any beginner.
We’re extremely happy to have joined his school and I would recommend to anybody looking to learn this beautiful instrument.
Thank you Magdiel for all your help and your patience, We truly appreciate it!
— Joaquin Portillo, Bar-S Foods a Sigma Co. Key Acc Sales Manager
Magdiel Zuniga is by far one of the best teachers I’ve met. I have a musical background and have studied with top music teachers... Magdiel’s ability to teach classical guitar to young children, regardless of their starting level and keep them excited about learning and coming back week after week is quite remarkable. Different style of teaching from other teachers we’ve taken our son to, but he is the real deal! We highly recommend him!!!
— Paola Tovalin 2/14/2017
My daughter loves Magdiel; she is 14 and he has a great report with her. I find him to be very encourageable, inspiring, and patient. She and I are impressed with his classical guitar playing, and wealth of knowledge. I like the fact that Mag is teaching her to read sheet music, not just hand written tabs. He has asked her to work with a metronome which I feel shows a greater level of quality to teaching that we didn’t experience with her past two teachers. Siena is learning to play with and without a pick. And Magdiel can sing; something I would like my daughter to learn with her guitar experience.
Another nice aspect to our lessons with Zuniga School of Music is the great environment. I love the office space, and enjoy having the opportunity to sit in on the lesson and hear the music.
We highly recommend lessons with Magdiel, he takes pride in his music and in his environment, and it shows.
— Kimberly L. 2/15/17